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House Dist. 76: Long Challenges Skoog

Candidate Websites and Social Media
Republican challenger Jerry Lee Long, left, and Democratic Incumbent Andy Skoog, right.

Illinois' 76th House District race is between incumbent Andy Skoog (D) and challenger Jerry Long (R). 

Jerry Long is a Streator native with 30 years of experience as a Teamsters driver.  He ran for the 76th House seat in 2014 but was defeated by Democrat Frank Mautino.  In the past,  Long wrote columns for the Ottawa Times under the Write Team and served in the U.S. Air Force.  Long's campaign website indicates he's strongly pro-life, pro-second amendment, and says welfare should be a hand up, not a handout.   

Andy Skoog was appointed 76th District Representative in 2015, when Frank Mautino became the state's Auditor General.  Prior to his appointment, Skoog was the LaSalle County Circuit Clerk and owned a restaurant, Skoog's Pub and Grill. The Ottawa Times notes Skoog is against the taxation of ammunition.  The state GOPaccuses Skoog of taking improper tax exemptions on his properties.  Skoog characterizes this as an "oversight."  

The Ottawa Times also notes most campaign funding for the 76th District race originatesfrom outside groups.


Andy Skoog is endorsed by the Illinois State Rifle Association, the National Rifle Association, and the Illinois Federation of Teachers

Jerry Lee Long is endorsed by the Chicago Tribune.

  • This report was compiled by WNIJ's Chase Cavanaugh
Illinois Board Of Elections

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