Perspective: Finding Joy In These Times

Sep 19, 2019

Lately my Perspectives pieces have doubled down on serious matters concerning “our shadow side,” and “contagious anxiety.” While important subjects, it’s time for a little lightness. 

Our son, Jeremiah, and his wife, Caroline recently moved from Chicago to the San Francisco area with their sweet dog, Luna. Caroline, an oncology physician, landed a very good job with Kaiser Health and Jeremiah is continuing his consultation with clients, including frequent trips back to Chicago. 


Their furniture arrived at their new residence in Oakland after two weeks, but they were relieved that earlier, their frozen embryo from their fertility work had arrived safely -- a welcome promise after many months of trying to get pregnant. They decided however to wait on starting their family until Caroline was well into her new job. 


Getting settled into her new home and new job -- which was going very well -- Caroline was surprised that her fatigue from stresses of these major transitions wasn’t getting better. She felt tired all the time. Jeremiah insisted that they see a doctor. The diagnosis? She was 10 weeks pregnant! They figured that they had conceived on a trip to Oakland a couple months earlier when looking into housing possibilities. 


When Jeremiah called us with the news, we were overjoyed. We would become grandparents for a second time in February. Jeremiah quipped, “We have one in the oven, and one in the freezer!” 


What a wonderful antidote to the painful news about politics, environmental upheavals, and gun violence. May we all find some joy during these times. 


I’m Connie Seraphine, and that is my perspective.