Kishwaukee College Announces Scholarship To Ease Tuition Hike From March

Sep 13, 2017

Students at Kishwaukee College will get a financial reward if they earn a C or better in their credit courses this academic year.

Credit Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Kishwaukee College board members announced the Student Success Scholarship, which will cover half of the ten-dollar-per-credit hour tuition hike they approved in March. The scholarships will be credited to qualified students' accounts after final grades are posted.

Qualified out-of-district and out-of-state students paying higher tuition rates will receive proportionally higher scholarships. Scholarships can be used to pay for future courses or they can be refunded by check. 

The tuition increase was due to the Illinois budget uncertainty at the time.

The college is scheduled to receive an additional $2.8 million for the past fiscal year and approximately $5 million for the current one.