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Poetically Yours Ep. 70 - Do you believe in angels?

Provided by Devin Strejc

Welcome to this week's Poetically Yours. Poetically Yours showcases poems by northern lllinois poets. This week features Devin Strejc.

Strejc is a graphic designer and content creator. He is the owner of BlueLeaf Design.

He loves playing guitar and hiking. He also enjoys native and edible gardening. Today he shows off his writing skills in his poem “For Those Whose Hearts Are Singing”

For those whose hearts are singing
while conventions slumber on,
whose souls long for stage
beyond their daylight form.

Whose twisted deference
to audience and flattery
sculpt triumphant works
with tireless creativity.

Whose brightest, bluest light
of a thousand full moons,
casts their playful shadows
amongst our earthly fools.

And stand on piled-high pallets
and bellow to the stars,
and dance on back-lit clouds,
with colors, vibrant and raw.

Until their lunar madness
fades into the dawn,
their current ever simmering
they quietly toil among,

the shallow throngs and masses
the boxed, drywall corners,
their voice a faint murmur,
of half whispered sonnets.

And so, for a time,
the atmosphere has cooled,
the duty of this earth
now bounds them to the soil.

Their mortal skin revealed,
Irises narrowed thin
we lean our heads to listen

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