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Coffee Fund: Murray Accepts Misdemeanor Plea


Lawrence Murray will pay NIU $4,000 by Aug. 19 under a misdemeanor plea agreement finalized Monday.

According to the Daily Chronicle,  Murray -- who had been Manager of Property Control for Northern Illinois University -- pleaded guilty to violation of the State Property Control Act, a Class B misdemeanor with punishable by less than six months in the county jail.

Murray was fined $825 and sentenced to 16 months of court supervision, which means a conviction won't go on his record if he successfully completes the term.

The Coffee Fund was the name given to a bank account established by the NIU Materials Management department. Proceeds from recycling allegedly were deposited in that account instead of being turned over to the university to be deposited in an authorized account.

Authorities said as much as $13,000 had been deposited in the "coffee fund" account between 2005 and the time it was shut down last summer, with a balance of less than $2,200. The funds allegedly were used to pay for office parties and similar activities.

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