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Perspective: Election Eve


Tomorrow we will conclude the most consequential election in many decades. It is in fact so consequential that many partisans on both sides cannot imagine life if the other side wins. That, we shall see, is part of the problem.

But there are actually two outcomes that are even more consequential than who wins tomorrow.

First, we must all accept the results as legitimate and move on to mend our country. There is scant evidence of either disqualifying fraud or error. The health of our democracy is more important than whether it is Trump-led or Biden-led. This observation leads us to the second one.

We must agree, all of us, to engage and defeat the real, persistent, malicious, and mortal enemy. That enemy is hyper-partisanship. Its malignant spell has lately generated:

First, no relief at all currently for our suffering fellow citizens. Instead Congress has locked itself in a death grip. Members returned from their August vacation, but thus far they have produced nothing but hot air.

Second, bitter fights over everything from voting procedures to masks.

Third, dangerous and stupid threats to the integrity of the Supreme Court by both parties, all for short term political gain.

This must stop. If we care about preserving our democracy we must all, winners and losers, unite and move forward from this election.

I'm Bob Evans, and that is my perspective.

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