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Perspective: The Election That Looms

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Spoiler alert! No solutions are offered in what follows. Only problems are identified.

A national election looms. Elections require candidates, campaigns, and votes. All are now threatened by grave problems. What are these problems?

First, candidates. Primaries remain; remember Wisconsin? Conventions remain; they nominee candidates and construct platforms. Yes cynics, platforms do matter. Mainly Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominations matter. How do we perform these essential democratic functions virtually? Is there an alternative?

Second, there must be a campaign, a real campaign. Presidential candidates may be able to run virtual campaigns, but what about state and local candidates? Is there really a substitute for "pressing the flesh?"  Do we really want to reprise the terribly tarnished online campaign of 2016 all over again?

Finally. We must vote. Elections require a legitimate vote. Will we vote in person, online, by mail? Should we not decide? Soon?

For each complicated step in the process, transparency and full media coverage are essential to insure legitimacy.

The problems are abundant, while time is short. Democracy itself is at stake.

I'm Bob Evans, and that is my perspective.

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