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Perspective: An Ode To Opinions


They say you should always begin at the beginning,

but I ignored that advice.

I wrote the last line of this poem first.

Contrary ways are my vice.


If you don’t know where you are going,

you are very unlikely to get there.

So I wrote the very last line first,

to make my goal easy and clear.

I’ve wanted to try my hand at this thing,

if time and tide will allow.

The best time to plant a tree is 50 years ago,

but the second best time is now.

Each day at 8:50 I listen intently,

to see what the next person says.

It could be a rant about what Trump did wrong,

or thoughts about the olden days.

I like the ones with a positive slant,

and the lighthearted ones with no plot.

It’s fun to hear about flowers and birds,

and Illinois farms with root rot.

Lou Ness is a frequent contributor.

Katie Andraski is a familiar name.

Elsa Glover is one of my favorites;

prolific and growing in fame.

I checked on the website to find out the rules,

and found that the rules are few.

Just shoot for about 90 seconds,

and that’s about all that you do.

I don’t like when someone tells me

what’s wrong with the country and world.

I also lose patience for those who insist

that everything was better before.

I like computers. Alexa is fun.

I don't want to live in the past.

It’s good to be alive right about now.

I’m happy and having a blast.

Have faith in the checks and balances.

Our country is going to be fine.

The pendulum swings from left to right,

but then it comes back in line.

Be kind and help others. Enjoy what you have.

A good life should be your objective.

I hope that my words have brightened your day.

I’m Jeff Utterback and that’s my perspective.