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Perspective: The wisdom of our elders

My uncle is a funny guy. He lives in Iowa and he’s the one who told me this joke: What does Iowa stand for? The answer: Idiots out walking around. And this is his dieting advice: “If it tastes good, spit it out!” I hate to admit it, he might be right about that one. Sometimes, the goodies that are delicious are just the things we shouldn’t be eating…if we are trying to eat healthfully.


Another dear friend used to tell me that if hell were personalized, hers would be ironing in the morning and going to Walt Disney World in the afternoon. Apparently, the Magic Kingdom is not magical for all.


And then there’s my own mother who famously said, “Three’s a bad number…” Since there were only three of us in my family, I can only imagine what she meant by that…


My grandma used to say, “it’ll keep.” Meaning if there was a chore or something you won’t get to today, it can certainly be done the next day. She was not referring to old chicken.


And every time I make a turn in my car, I think of my dad pounding this into my head: Accelerate through the turn. Meaning, don’t slow down as you are turning. I think he was thinking of tailgaters.


It is funny how these things stick in your memory.


I’m Rosie Klepper and that’s my perspective.

Rosie Klepper is a writer and editor based in Hinsdale. A lover of language since birth, she delights in word play, wit and humor.