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Perspective: Comstock

Wikipedia, Pixabay

While the former president is holding rallies and appearing as a defendant in court, his loyalists have been writing a radically conservative plan called Project 2025. Its aim is to remove the guardrails protecting institutions and in the process, reshape our government. It is 1,000 pages long and ready to implement.


The plan is to act fast, bypassing Congress, and using executive actions, changes to the regulatory powers of federal agencies and reviving dormant laws.


One is the Comstock Law of 1873, enacted 150 years ago and intended to suppress the trade in and circulation of obscene literature and items of immoral use. Still on the books, the Comstock Law would be used to criminalize the shipping of abortion pills in every state.


Powerful people in the anti-abortion movement intend to resume their high-level positions in a new Republican administration. The plan is to sabotage a woman’s right to choose in as many ways as possible.


The Republicans and former president aren’t talking publicly about any of this. They know how unpopular anti-abortion legislation is, more so since the Dobbs decision.


The overturning of Roe v. Wade was a terrible blow to women’s rights, but it would be foolish to assume we’re living in the new normal. If the former president wins in November, know that the assault is far from over.


I’m Deborah Booth and that’s my perspective.

Deborah Booth retired in Fall 2014 from NIU, where she was the director of External Programs for the College of Visual and Performing Arts.