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Some of Rockford's smaller pantries are receiving additional help thanks to a city initiative

Greater Rockford Pantry Coalition Facebook page.

A coalition of Rockford food pantries will celebrate its successful fundraising campaign.

Kevin Goodrich is the chairman of the Greater Rockford Pantry Coalition. The coalition consists of nine local pantries. They are Emmanuel Lutheran, Rock River, Christian Union, Unity in the Community/Lighthouse Pantry, St. Elizabeth, Cornucopia, God’s Glory, Salvation Army, and Soul’s Harbor Pantry. He said the Northern Illinois Food Bank is a source for most of the area’s pantries.

“But from there, we have to purchase food. And we also - - if they don't have everything we need, we have to purchase it from other places," Goodrich explained. "So that's why we have this initiative, why the mayor of Rockford is helping us out.”

Tom McNamara is the mayor of Rockford. Goodrich said his participation is critical to the campaign and it has helped the coalition reach their goals.

“When he says something, people listen," Goodrich said. "And he is very committed to this because he has been doing it for a long time. His father did it back before I was ever involved in anything in Rockford.”

The campaign began in the spring with a goal of $45,000 dollars. This amount will cover one month for each of the nine pantries. Goodrich said the coalition is close to reaching or exceeding that goal, but all donations are not accounted for yet.

The Mayor’s Hunger Campaign Breakfast takes place 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Tuesday Sept. 26 at Indoor City Market. Tickets for the event are $20 each. Learn more about the coalition here.

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