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Perspective: Fry me to the moon


The voice on the other end of the phone was nearly breathless with excitement.

“Costco has air fryers on sale.”

That phrase was delivered with practically the same urgency as, “The British are coming!”

“So?” I countered.

My friend continued. “I really think you will like it. It’s healthier and the sale ends today. But, I could get you one and if you don’t think it will work out, you could always return it.”

I sighed, “How big is it? I don’t have much counter space as is.”

She caught me at a weak moment. I had been thinking lovingly about the sweet potato fries I used to get in the cafeteria at work. If I had an air fryer, maybe I could re-create the fries at home.

“OK.” I said. “Please get me one.”

She hung up, ready to gallop down the aisles at Costco. Within the hour, she dropped it off at my house. I looked skeptically at the hulking box resting on the table. I thought about the sweet potato fries. I looked at the counter space it would consume. I thought about the sweet potato fries. What the heck…I thought as I dove into the box.

I unearthed the behemoth. I made space for it on the counter. After reading the instructions, I fired it up. Gleefully I dumped the frozen sweet potato fries into the fryer. In mere minutes, I had fries. Divine. Maybe this is the start of a wonderful relationship.

I’m Rosie Klepper and that’s my perspective.

Rosie Klepper is a writer and editor based in Hinsdale. A lover of language since birth, she delights in word play, wit and humor.