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Perspective: These are a few of his favorite things


My kids often call me an old man yelling at a cloud when I start ranting about something. And, they’re right–many things in the world these days really grind my gears.

However, it’s a new year.

Maybe it’s time to adopt a bit more positivity.

In that spirit, and with apologies to Julie Andrews, here are a few of my favorite things:

Queen’s 1985 performance of “Radio Gaga” at Wembley Stadium during Live Aid

The Sunday New York Times

My five-speed manual transmission sedan and the fact that both my kids can drive it

Family Guy and The Onion -–Yes, I’m a teen boy and nothing makes me laugh harder.

Orbit Bubblemint Gum

The full 5:22 training sequence in Rocky II.


New York City

The Wall Street Journal

Using the same MasterLock for 25 years

A fountain Coke from McDonald’s on a hot summer day

Being raised as an NPR kid and raising two of my own

My immunity to iocane powder

Working obscure pop culture references into my daily life to see if people get them

Getting sooo excited when they do

The unpredictable weirdness of our two cats

Independent bookstores–where I always find things I didn’t even know I was looking for

The Mighty Five National Parks in Utah.

Louise and Brian–the peregrine falcons that return each year to the ledge of the Rockford Register Star building to start a new family

Any of the 10,100 songs on my iPod–yup, it’s still going strong

Watching the sunset or sunrise from the Overlook Trail in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

And, finally, yes, brown paper packages, especially if they’re tied up with string.

I’m Wester Wuori and that’s my positively positive Perspective.