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Perspective: You can learn a lot from a bumper sticker

Musa Haef

I have been experiencing what seems to be an increased tendency of people in cars or trucks to act impatient in their driving. Here are some examples: (1) Riding on my bumper; (2) Trying hard to pass me even though I am moving 5-6 mph above speed limits; (3) Honking their horn if I don’t immediately accelerate when the light changes; and (4) Weaving precariously in and out of lanes as if their life depended on it, thereby risking their life and all those precious lives around them.

My husband ordered a magnet bumper sticker for me. I attached it on my trunk door above my license plate. With easily viewed capital letters it reads, “HUMANKIND - Be Both.” It’s kind of a personal crusade of mine to remind people of following the Golden Rule in their daily lives. What’s been fascinating is that I have become more careful and courteous in my own driving habits. For instance, when in doubt as to who should go first at a four corner stop, I defer to let the other car proceed.

I am hoping that people who see this clever sign will think not only about their own driving habits, but also how small acts of kindness in any public setting can brighten each of our lives. Looking out for others creates human connections in a culture that often feels hostile and lonely. Remember, it takes a village to create HUMANKIND people.

I’m Connie Seraphine, and that is my Perspective.

Connie Seraphine is a Sycamore-area writer and poet.