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Perspective: Inventing your future


Years ago I learned how to plan a desired future, called “Futures Invention.” Individuals or groups start by imagining a future they desire and project that future out at least five or 10 years, not to be constrained by existing conditions. You describe in detail what is happening and what has been achieved. Then you “remember” how this future came about in a “Futures History” process, looking backwards…

Here's an example.

In my favorite coffee shop with my friend, Mary, she says, “Connie, did you ever imagine we’d get to the end of this year and feel so good!” Shaking my head, “Actually, I thought this day would never come! But two years ago when students across the country went on strike halting the start of school, I knew something historical was happening.”

“What do you think really caused that earthquake?” “You know, I think that generation reached a tipping point of extreme desperation, building in intensity since the weak-kneed 2021 Glasgow Climate Summit, followed by that disastrous 2022 congressional election. ‘Enough is enough’ they cried! And it propelled them to form very sophisticated action groups last year.” Mary agreed, “Yes, my teenage daughter joined a team to lobby congressional leaders! They demanded accountability measures – with teeth – for all energy entities to meet those clean energy and climate goals.” Remembering, I laughed, “And camping out on the mall until this happened was a smart coup!” Say, what do you think will be Madam President’s global action legislation in her second year?”

I’m Connie Seraphine and that is my Perspective.

Connie Seraphine is a Sycamore-area writer and poet.