University of Illinois

The University of Illinois’ Urbana campus announced Monday it will guarantee any in-state student, from a household at or below the state median income of $61,000 per year, will have tuition and fees covered by a combination of university, state, and federal financial aid.

That doesn’t include room and board, or books, but the university said students can apply additional merit and third-party scholarships to those expenses.

Urbana Reaffirms 'Sanctuary City' Status

Dec 20, 2016
Urbana, IL LinkedIn page.

The Urbana City Council approved a resolution reaffirming its ‘sanctuary city’ status.  It comes after two weeks of intense discussion.  


Alderman Bill Brown added legal language to the measure, specifying that no federal law requires local police to routinely ask an individual’s immigration status.  It also says local policies must not target communities based on their "perceived" immigration status.


U Of I Selects New Chancellor For Urbana Campus

Jul 20, 2016
University of Illinois

University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen has announced that Robert J. Jones will be the new chancellor for the University's Urbana campus and vice-president of the three-campus U of I system.

The 65-year-old Jones is president of the Albany campus of the State University of New York. Pending approval by trustees on Thursday, he will take office as chancellor in Urbana on October 3.

"Flag" by Flickr User Julian Carvajal / (CC X 2.0)

An Illinois prosecutor says she will not file charges against a man whose flag-burning protest led to his arrest on Independence Day.

Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Rietz said in a statement Tuesday that she will not file charges against Bryton Mellott of Urbana because flag burning is "protected free speech."

Pictures posted on Mellott's Facebook page over the weekend showed him holding a burning American flag. He wrote that he's "not proud to be an American."

State Legislature Is Back In Session

Apr 14, 2015
State of Illinois

Illinois lawmakers return to Springfield today after a two-week spring break to begin work on a budget compromise for next year. A Senate hearing yesterday could indicate a tough road ahead.

Cities and counties in Illinois would see their share of state money cut in half under Governor Bruce Rauner’s proposed budget. Rauner also proposed eliminating state assistance for foster children over age 18.