Lincoln Highway

Chase Cavanaugh

Every fall, northern Illinois farmers set up roadside shops to get their crops to market, as well as get visitors to check out their farms. You can find several of these along a stretch of Lincoln Highway east of DeKalb.

One of the largest is Kuipers Family Farm in Maple Park. It has a pumpkin farm and apple orchard, plus a lot of family attractions. These range from train rides and corn mazes to climbing walls and a "bouncing pillow." Co-owner Kimberly Kuipers says these were inspired by taking their own kids to nearby farms.


The man accused of driving under the influence and causing a fatal car crash has been released and is out on his own recognizance. 

Daniel Chavez, 25, was arrested following the car crash Sunday shortly after midnight on Lincoln Highway that killed NIU graduate student Sai Kumar Adluru  and injured three passengers.

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s office says they found traces of marijuana in Chavez’s Jeep, with urine tests confirming the presence of the drug in his system. He also had a blood alcohol level of .076 -- slightly below the legal limit of .08.

Quiz Tests Knowledge Of First Cross-Country Highway

Nov 16, 2015

Studying for a quiz usually involves reading textbooks, reviewing notes, and staying up late the night before.  But a road trip across northern Illinois is just what the teacher ordered to get ready for the online Lincoln Highway quiz.

Thousands of people drive highway 38 through northern Illinois every day. They might not realize they are part of something bigger: a century-old road stretching coast to coast. The Lincoln Highway was the first to do that.

Lincoln Highway: The Father Road

Aug 29, 2013
Dan Libman

This Labor Day, 89.5 WNIJ presents a one-hour special commemorating America's first transnational highway.  The Lincoln Highway was dedicated 100 years ago this October. Nearly 6000 miles long in its entirety, it stretches from New York City to San Fransisco. It might not be as famous as the so-called "Mother Road," Route 66; but 66 isn't as long, and its terminal cities - Chicago and Santa Monica - are no longer connected by a single highway like Lincoln Highway is.

This summer, some people will celebrate the centenary of Lincoln Highway with a road trip. Nolan Stolz will also travel the highway, trying to get orchestras to perform his Lincoln Highway Suite.

Stolz wrote the five-movement symphonic suite inspired by America's first transnational highway. One orchestra, the Dubuque Symphony, will give the world premiere of the Suite's middle movement -- "Prairie View" -- this Sunday.

Dan Libman

In Part 3, author Dan Libman concludes his journey on Lincoln Highway. In March, Libman bicycled across sections of the highway to mark its centenary. Today, he visits Creston and Malta. The latter community is where the first mile of cement was laid, formally establishing America's first cross country highway. Click the Audio Link above to hear the radio version. Here's the final part of Libman's essay:

Dan Libman

WNIJ invited author Dan Libman to write about the centenary of Lincoln Highway, America's first coast-to-coast highway. Libman borrowed a WNIJ recorder and traveled the highway in March - on his bicycle. In Part One of our 3-part series, Libman stops at the Lincoln Highway Association's headquarters in Franklin Grove, IL. He also followed the highway through Dixon and Sterling.