Burpee Museum of Natural History

Burpee Museum of Natural History

Fossils and dinosaurs will be the talk of the town in one part of Rockford this weekend.  

This is the Burpee Museum of Natural History’s 22nd annual PaleoFest.  The event brings paleontologists and their associates together to share their latest research with each other and the public. Joshua Matthews is Burpee’s Director of Paleontology. He said this gathering started in the 1990s in response to local interest and fossil finds.

Burpee Museum Rings In The World's New Years

Dec 31, 2019
Connie Kuntz

It's still 2019 in Illinois, but Burpee Museum of Natural History started celebrating a different country's new year every hour starting at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Instead of blowing on store-bought noisemakers and throwing mylar confetti, Burpee opted for a more earth-friendly celebration. They tossed ginkgo leaves and shook handmade noisemakers that were filled with dried seeds.


One of Rockford’s top tourist attractions turns ten this weekend. Burpee Museum of Natural History is holding a birthday party for “Jane,” the world’s most complete juvenile T-Rex.