2018 midterms

Longtime Activist Minister Joins DeKalb County Board

Dec 21, 2018
Photo by Peter Medlin

In the summer of 2017, Rev. Linda Slabon and her partner both retired. Slabon was a Unitarian Universalist minister and social worker, while her partner was a professor at Northern Illinois University.


Like many retirees, Slabon used her newfound free time to do more gardening. They threw a Disney Frozen-themed birthday party for their granddaughter.


In Illinois, the debate over gun control was waged in county-wide elections.


Voters in more than a dozen counties recently approved measures urging the state not to pass further gun control measures. And in several counties, the proposals added immigration to the mix.

This week’s election was expected to bring a second “Year of the Woman” to American politics.

After Tuesday, here’s what that looks like in Illinois: The state’s congressional delegation added one woman, and there will be at least one, maybe up to three, more women serving in Springfield come January.

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (D) was re-elected to his seat in Illinois' 3rd Congressional District, receiving more than 70 percent of the vote. But for some, it was troubling that his opponent, Arthur Jones, got as much as 27 percent.

In the spring, the district made national headlines when Jones, a holocaust denier and avowed Nazi, won an uncontested Republican primary. His candidacy was roundly condemned by political leaders across the nation.