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Holocaust Denier Receives More Than A Quarter Of The Vote

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (D) was re-elected to his seat in Illinois' 3rd Congressional District, receiving more than 70 percent of the vote. But for some, it was troubling that his opponent, Arthur Jones, got as much as 27 percent.

In the spring, the district made national headlines when Jones, a holocaust denier and avowed Nazi, won an uncontested Republican primary. His candidacy was roundly condemned by political leaders across the nation.

After watching Jones get around 20,000 votes in the primary, Justin Hanson launched a write-in campaign. Hanson was concerned that, even if Jones was all but certain to lose, voters should be aware of his extreme views.

"If it were me, if I was Dan Lipinski and I was as assured of my victory as Dan, I would still be out there every day making sure my district wasn't dragged down by having the negative national attention of 'Yeah, we're one of those districts where a Nazi candidate came forth he got all of these votes because nobody did anything about it,'" said Hanson.

Hanson opined: "We live in an age when we know what Kim Kardashian ate for lunch every day last week, right? But still people are going to the polls and they're not knowing the candidate behind the name."

This week, Arthur Jones received more than 55,000 votes in the 3rd district which covers parts of Cook, Will and DuPage Counties.