The Wizard Behind The Works

Jun 26, 2018

I’m intrigued by the creativity that lies behind the scenes in music, film, theater, and writing. Those people whose names may be unfamiliar, but whose work and talent are fundamental to the production or composition – studio musicians and web designers, theatrical prop builders, and movie location scouts.

And have you thought about who’s behind radio productions like this one? Sound engineers, producers, and most definitely, editors.

My first real introduction to editing as an art came from a graduate course in film. I began to realize how critical good editing is to what we see as moviegoers.

Haven’t you watched a movie and thought, “That was an abrupt transition,” or “They really could have cut out 15 minutes.” Good editing, on the other hand, doesn’t draw our attention – it’s integral to what we’re seeing or hearing and gives it the right flow.

As a “Perspectives” writer, I’ve had the luck and pleasure of working with one heck of an editor, Victor Yehling, Managing Editor for WNIJ’s News. You’ve also heard him as a reporter.

Victor will soon be embarking on what I call “jubilacion,” the Spanish word for retirement, and I wanted to give him a special shout-out for his sharp eye, expansive mind, and delicious wit.

Writers can get so enmeshed in their topic that it’s hard to see the big picture, even in a 100-second radio essay. Maestro editors like Victor really have the full perspective (so to speak).

I’m Paula Garrett and that’s my … perspective.