State Audit Finds NIU Continued To Pay Two Terminated Employees

Apr 9, 2020

The Illinois Auditor General's office released the most recent compliance report for several Illinois public universities, including Northern Illinois University. In the NIU report, auditors noted that in their test sample, two employees were paid beyond their termination date.

The report includes the university's reponse to the finding.

Additionally, state auditors determined that in some cases NIU did not provide background checks on new hires in security sensitive positions prior to employment.

The university accepted the finding and offered a response.

There were several repeat findings from previous years, including how the university tracks equipment.

The Auditor General is a constitutional officer charged with reviewing the use of public funds. The office issues approximately 150 post-audits of State agencies each year, reviewing an agency's financial records, compliance with State and federal laws and regulations, and program performance after the close of its fiscal year.