Rep. Bustos Stresses Importance Of Contact Tracing And Health Insurance After House Hearing

May 6, 2020


Illinois U.S. Representative Cheri Bustos is pushing for expansion of health insurance enrollment during the Covid-19 pandemic. She made the comment after leaving a House hearing Wednesday regarding the successor to the CARES Act.

“I believe it’s shortsighted of the Trump administration not to reopen the enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act when we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.” 

Bustos cosponsored a bill in April that would create this very enrollment period. It is currently in committee.

Also after the hearing, she said a key area that needs to be included in future legislation is contact tracing of people who have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19. 

“If we don’t get a plan figured out for that, not just the money, but a plan, it is going to be very difficult for our country to get back into some state of normalcy," she said.  "And that was clear in the hearing that we held today that that will be absolutely critical for our nation’s future.”  

Bustos also criticized President Trump for not allowing Dr. Anthony Fauci to speak during the hearing.  Instead, House members heard from former Centers for Disease Control director Dr. Tom Frieden.