Perspective: Six Feet, A Mask, And Clean Hands

Apr 22, 2020

If you’re like me, you probably having a hard time changing the idea of social distancing into a habit. That’s not easy.  Old habits die hard.

Why don’t we wear a mask in public, wash our hands more often…or stay at least six feet apart?


We each have our own reasons.  Sometimes we just forget. I do.  And some people just don’t understand the consequences if someone else is exposed to their cough; their hands or something they touched with the virus on it.

Other people resist the whole idea of being told what to do. They think that social distancing imposes on their freedom. Or worse, they just can’t be bothered, no matter who they expose to the virus, even their loved ones.   

So here’s a thought -- Six Feet is Not That Far Away.

Where I live in Princeton, Illinois, right off Interstate-80’s Exit 56, a group of us are asking “What does social distancing mean to us?  We’re hoping that artists of all kinds will share their interpretations of that message in photographs, videos and music about…six feet! A mask. And clean hands.

This is a call to the artist in you. Whether you share the message through chalk art on a sidewalk, a song or dance, let the world know that you “get it.”

Each time you’re around other people, washing your hands and wearing a mask is an act of love.  And your interpretation of six feet can be a public art piece if there ever was one.

I’m Rick Brooks and that’s my perspective.