Perspective: Our Climate Crisis

Jun 5, 2019

Earth Day and Earth Month have come and gone; however, climate change -- our climate crisis -- is here to stay.

As a mom of three, one documentary caught my attention a few years ago titled, Normal is Over. Renee Scheltema -- a mom and renowned journalist filmmaker -- begins by sharing why she embarked on a yearlong trip around the world to examine the state of our planet. 

She journeys to meet individuals in India, Australia, Africa, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States and more -- all addressing significant issues in their own way to save life on earth. From eliminating plastic, saving endangered species, planting trees, recycling, upcycling, designing environmentally friendly toilet paper to creating alternate economies and sustainable architecture; personal anecdotes are interwoven with research, interviews and vivid imagery. 

At the end, as a young indigenous Canadian sings, I always feel a deep sense of awe and respect for life. Renee ends the updated version with action steps for individuals.

My family and I have begun questioning our daily habits and life style --  the plastic, our diet, our yard -- fertilizers, our carbon footprint, shopping -- products purchased that aren’t necessary. This transcends political differences -- to understand the urgency to take action now.

Local, national and international networks are educating and leading for action -- one deadline for free training in Minneapolis with Climate Reality Leaders is approaching: June 19. Join us!

It is life changing to gain understanding and search collectively for solutions to sustain life on earth – and well worth every minute leading to action!

I’m Nina Dulabaum and that’s my perspective.