Pay Raises Could Be On The Way For Some NIU Employees

Sep 20, 2017

Pay raises may be on the way for some Northern Illinois University employees.

NIU acting president Lisa Freeman talks about Program Prioritization during an April 27 town hall meeting.
Credit Northern Illinois University

In her State of the University address Wednesday, Acting NIU President Lisa Freeman touched on subjects like the delayed presidential search, the school’s fiscal future and university building projects.

Freeman also mentioned this in her speech:

“I’ve asked our Board of Trustees to convene a special board meeting on Oct. 19, where we will request a three percent increase for all eligible employees.”

Freeman says that includes employees who were hired before the end of last year and are not part of an open contract with a bargaining unit. She says the goal is for employees to see that increase in their paychecks by December.

“I want to emphasize that, although this is a good thing, we wish we could do more,” Freeman said. “But it is a start.”

Freeman also says all graduate assistants could see a similar increase in their stipend. She says she and other vice-presidents are not taking the raise or are instead making a gift to the NIU Foundation.