Negotiations Continue After Rauner Vetoes Part Of School Funding Bill

Aug 2, 2017

Illinois Republicans are pushing for a new program similar to school vouchers as part of negotiations over the education funding formula.

The impasse over the school funding overhaul is jeopardizing nearly all state money for schools.

Negotiations are continuing after Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed part of the bill.

Though Republican State Senator Jason Barickman accuses Democrats of changing their position.

“We keep hearing from Democrats that ‘we’re close, we’re close, we’re close,’ when in fact they’ve never put a firm stake in the ground -- something that we could accept,” he said.

Barickman said Republicans want a scholarship program that lets students choose which schools they attend. Teacher unions have criticized that idea in the past, saying it’s the same as school vouchers.

Meanwhile, the Senate has two weeks to either accept or reject Rauner’s veto.