Law Will Require Cats To Be Registered And Vaccinated For Rabies

Aug 27, 2018

Beginning in January 2019, cat owners must vaccinate their cats for rabies.
Credit Flickr User James G. Milles / (CC X 2.0)

Illinois county officials have about four months to figure out details of the rabies vaccination effort for cats.

Legislation signed into law this month by Gov. Bruce Rauner amended Illinois' Animal Control Act. Beginning in January, cat owners must vaccinate their cats for rabies and keep them updated from the age of 4 months. The second rabies shot must be done within one year of the first vaccination.

As with dogs, counties will be required to issue a vaccination certificate and a rabies tag, which they will give to veterinarians to distribute.

Whiteside County Health Administrator Beth Fiorini says the procedure for shots and registration will be just like for dogs. However, the county hasn't set prices yet.