Illinois Comptroller Wants Halt To Payroll 'Off-Shoring’

Mar 8, 2018

Illinois state Comptroller Susana Mendoza wants to force governors to pay employees from their budgets instead of "off-shoring" them to other agencies.

Credit File Photo by Brian Mackey/NPR Illinois

The Democrat said Thursday that her legislation would end the practice by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and future executives of "hiding" employees on agency payrolls.

Past governors have done the same. Mendoza contends Rauner's official budget is $5 million and lists 44 employees. But with staff paid from other agencies, the number is $10.4 million and 102 staffers.

Rauner spokeswoman Rachel Bold says the governor is open to discussing bookkeeping changes. But she says all agencies under the governor carry out the administration's functions.

An August 2015 Associated Press analysis found that the governor's budget financed half of the $8 million paid to everyone working for Rauner.