Developing Future Engineers -- One Cool Bracelet At A Time

Apr 6, 2017

STEM Divas is a weekly event at Northern Illinois University designed to help engage young women more in the sciences.

Credit Northern Illinois University /

Jasmine Carey is a student organizer of the event. She says it’s a fun way to get more young people interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through mixing fashion and electrical engineering. How? “They have LEDs and circuits," Carey says. "They’re completing circuits on a bracelet, and the LEDs will light up at the end of the circuit.”

“I learned how to make an electricity bracelet light up,” announces Anna Hammon, one of the “STEM Divas.”

Ria Iyer has the response STEM Divas was hoping for: “I had a super fun time actually doing all the crafts — I’m not a big crafts person -- but I think this was really fun because it involved science, which I thought was really cool.”

Many of the children attend each weekend, and the organizers are constantly finding new ways to reach out to more young women.