Budget Impasse Is Likely To Extend Into August

Jul 28, 2015

Illinois is likely to enter August without a full-year budget for Fiscal Year 2016, which began July 1. The longer the impasse continues, the more the impact will be felt. 

Republican State Representative Tim Butler

Most Illinois residents may be busy with their summer and less focused on the state budget, since schools are expected to open on time. State workers also are getting paid.

Republican State Rep. Tim Butler says the ongoing fiscal fight will boil over in more ways:

"People who rely on state funding for a variety of sources, especially when it comes to human services, I think we are going to start to see cuts,” Butler said. “We've heard stories of people already getting laid off.  I think both sides, Democrats and Republicans, by not coming to a compromise we are going to see some of these services go by the wayside because the fact that both parties can't work together to get something done."

Democratic leaders and the Republican governor are dug in. But Butler remains hopeful there will be less acrimony going forward once an agreement is reached.

House lawmakers are scheduled to be in session today. Senators are expected to return to Springfield next week.