Aurora Officials Detail Their COVID-19 Symptoms

Apr 8, 2020

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin says his COVID-19 symptoms made him feel like he went “to the edge” and back.

The mayor held a Facebook live update Wednesday afternoon.

From L-R: Police Chief Kristen Ziman and Police Chief Commander Keith Cross. Bottom: Mayor Richard Irvin.

He was joined by Police Chief Kristen Ziman and Police Commander Keith Cross who also tested positive.

Ziman says they don’t know exactly how they got infected but she says early prevention planning meetings involved large gatherings of officers, including in-person meetings with the mayor.

"Not long after I took the test, I went downhill," said Irvin. "I had an extreme headache to the point where I couldn’t even think straight and if I stood up, I would get dizzy.”

Their symptoms varied in severity but included cough, chills, and recurring fevers. Commander Cross shared that he was admitted to the emergency room.

The officials held the meeting to bring attention to the need for residents to follow stay-at-home and social distancing measures.

The city of Aurora has more than 100 confirmed cases and several deaths associated with COVID-19.