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New Super PAC Spends Millions On Ads To Tie Rauner To Trump

Phil Masterton / WNIJ

A new super PAC known as LIFT (Leading Illinois For Tomorrow) is spending a million dollars on ads tying Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner to Donald Trump.

The group is led by Democratic  State Sen. Daniel Biss, who says the campaign is meant to inform voters what their ballot choices mean for the state's future. 

"And so, people across the state who are very concerned about what Gov. Rauner has done to politics in Illinois were generous enough to support this effort," Biss said.

Biss declined to name the PAC's supporters, but said contributors will be listed with the Federal Election Commission in accordance with filing deadlines.

The ad campaign is currently focused on northern Illinois. Biss says it will expand statewide, unveiling new ads up until the election.

Rauner has gone out of his way to not discuss Trump and the presidential race.  But this week, he said Trump's 2005 comments in a just-leaked Access Hollywood video were "disgusting."  

Months ago, the Republican governor said he *would* support his party's nominee.

Amanda Vinicky moved to Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV PBS in 2017.
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