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House Democrats Join Mayors Calling For An End To Government Shutdown


U.S. House Democrats joined mayors from around the country Thursday calling for an end to the partial government shutdown. Illinois Representatives Cheri Bustos, Chuy Garcia, and Brad Schneider joined colleagues from other states urging the Senate to pass bills to reopen the federal government.

Schneider discussed federal workers who have missed paychecks during the shutdown. He also expressed concern for safety and national security.

Schneider said, “Air traffic controllers are working six days a week. But they don’t have the support services, so they’re working under greater stress on the job and have the stress of going home without a paycheck.”

Schneider also introduced two Illinois mayors who shared stories about the impact the shutdown has had on their cities.

Sam Cunningham is the mayor of Waukegan, Illinois. He spoke about members of the Coast Guard who have gone without pay during the shutdown.

Cunningham said, “Just recently we had three young men out on our pier, and they had an accident where they fell in. Guess who was there for the recovery and rescue mission? The U.S. Coast Guard who has a base in the city of Waukegan.”

Cunningham praised those coming to work without pay for their professionalism but urged an end to the shutdown so they can get paid. Other American mayors joined Cunningham in sharing stories of local impact of the shutdown.