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Immigration Activists Call For Action In Response To ICE Raid In Cortland

More than 50 activists gathered in downtown DeKalb to call for immigration reform. 

The crowd condemned last week’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in Cortland as well as the continued detention of undocumented children away from their families.  The event featured speakers from groups like Action for a Better Tomorrow Sauk Valley and DeKalb Stands.

Another participant was Laura Vivaldo-Cholula, a member of DREAM Action at Northern Illinois University. She said change wouldn’t happen without new leaders in office.

"We need to get candidates into office that are supportive of the immigrant community, who see the value of immigrants, and who will advocate for us," she said. "And in turn, the community holding those elected representatives responsible as they move forward."

Immigration attorney and 16th Congressional District Democratic candidate Sara Dady also made an appearance.  She called on the current administration to take immediate action.

“Congress needs to do what it had the opportunity to do five years ago and failed to do, which is pass a comprehensive legalization program and a real worker visa program," she said.

Dady’s Republican opponent, Congressman Adam Kinzinger, was invited to the rally, but did not attend. 

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