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Ridulph Says State's Attorney Schmack Has Conflict of Interest In McCullough Case

Charles Ridulph of Sycamore has added to his request for a special prosecutor in the 1957 murder case of his sister, Maria.  

The Daily Chronicle says Ridulph claims State’s Attorney Richard Schmack made a 2012 campaign promise to drop charges against Jack McCullough, constituting a conflict of interest.  

McCullough was arrested in 2012 for the alleged kidnapping and murder of Maria Ridulph, in what was the nation's coldest case.  However, Schmack presented evidence in April showing that McCullough was making a collect call in Rockford at the time of the kidnapping.  As a result, the charges against McCullough were dropped.  

Schmack says his office is preparing a response to the accusation, and the case for a special prosecutor is due back in court June 23.  McCullough has returned to his home in the Seattle, Wash., area and technically is no longer involved in the case.  However, his murder charges were dropped "without prejudice," meaning the case potentially could be retried. 

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