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One Kendall County, Two Events: Rep. Underwood Headlines Women's March, Plano Sees Pro-Trump Display

Kendall County residents marched, signs in tow, to show support for women’s rights and honor the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Before the march, the socially distant crowd leaned in to hear from Rep. Lauren Underwood. She was elected to Congress in 2018, flipping a longtime Republican seat and riding a “Blue Wave” of Democrat enthusiasm.  

March participants talked about channeling that enthusiasm not only to help elect Joe Biden but advocate for women’s reproductive rights and other causes. 

Barbara Blom is a retired teacher. She’s 65 and says that Lauren Underwood embodies real representation for the region.  

Credit Peter Medlin
Rep. Lauren Underwood.

“When I went to vote, it was the first time on that ballot in my Kendall County community where I could vote for a Democrat in almost every office where someone was running. It usually takes me a minute to vote because it's all so one-sided,” said Blom.

Another demonstration took place on Saturday, highlighting a very red and blue, both rural and suburban county. 

20 minutes from the Women’s March, Joe Salsbery was flying flags from his truck at a pro-Trump gathering in Plano. He says this is their third week holding events. Salsbery says people in the area are often afraid to admit they’re Trump supporters.  

Credit Peter Medlin
Plano resident Joe Salsbery says this is the third straight week of their Saturday pro-Trump gatherings.

“A lot of support from Plano. A lot of Trump-ers out here. The silent majority is definitely starting to stand up,” he said. 

Kendall County split down the middle in 2016. President Trump got 46% of the vote, with Hillary Clinton receiving 45%.

Both groups believe the county is ready to swing their way in November.