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Elgin Woman Shot And Killed By Police On I-90

Chevelle Clements

An Elgin police officer shot and killed a woman armed with a knife along an interstate outside Chicago yesterday.

The woman has been identified as 34-year-old Decynthia S. Clements of Elgin, officials announced in a press release.

According to the release, the incident began at approximately 12:34 a.m. Monday, when police spotted a “suspicious vehicle” belonging to Clements. They attempted to stop the car, but she fled.

Soon after, her car was found stopped and damaged on Interstate 90 near Route 25. Officers approached and saw she was armed with a knife.

Elgin Police Chief Jeffrey Swoboda says the officers negotiated with her for more than an hour. Eventually, they noticed a fire had started inside the vehicle. Officers tried to pull her out, at which point they say she brandished the knife.

What happened next is unclear, according to Swoboda, but an officer fired his weapon. Clements was taken to a Hoffman Estates hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police identified the officer as Lt. Christian Jensen -- a 19-year veteran of the department and a member of the SWAT team.

Illinois State Police will investigate the shooting.

Police did not comment on why they were pursuing Clements. Swoboda says police body-cam footage has not yet been reviewed.