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Attempt To Reach Deal On Rauner's Agenda Is Not Settling With Democrats

An attempt to reach a deal on Governor Bruce Rauner's pro-business, anti-labor demands isn't working out for House Democrats who are set to go it alone on a new state budget.


That's the takeaway from a meeting between Rauner and the legislative leaders this morning.

Republicans, led by Rauner, say they won't increase taxes to balance the budget until they get fundamental economic changes.

To that end, bipartisan groups of legislators have been meeting in private on the governor's agenda.

House Speaker Michael Madigan says he told Rauner:

“…that he and his agents are not being persuasive in the working groups."

Rauner, in turn, dismissed a fresh Democratic budget plan as "phony" and $7 billion out of balance. 

GOP Senate Leader Christine Radogno says it's ridiculous.

"If they allow this to go through, they - the Democrats - and those that follow that advice are leading the state over the cliff,” Radogno said.

The plan leaves huge sections of state spending up to court orders.

Amanda Vinicky moved to Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV PBS in 2017.
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