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Rauner On Budget Impasse: 'Politics Is Not Tiddlywinks'

Brian Mackey

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he’s optimistic Democrats and Republicans can reach a big compromise on a budget deal.


But time is running out before a big deadline at the end of the month.

The state’s now gone 10 and a half months without a budget. Court orders kept the much of the government’s lights on.

Governor Rauner says he’ll be negotiating this week but he doesn’t expect a deal until the last second on May 31st.

That’s because starting June 1st - procedures change and it takes more Yes votes to pass a budget.

RAUNER: You know, the frustration level gets really high. You know, we’re all human bein’s. I’ve certainly been frustrated. I mean, you can let your emotions out sometimes at the wrong time. We’re all human. We’re all trying to do the best we can.

When Rauner first took office - he repeatedly said balancing a budget was easy - it’s getting reforms passed that’s hard.

Today - Rauner said - politics is not tiddlywinks.

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