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DeKalb Administrative Towing Signs Posted For Legal Purposes

Victor Yehling

You may have noticed signs about DeKalb’s administrative tow policywhen you enter town. But why are they there?

DeKalb city attorney Dean Frieders says the signs are to ensure that the public is notified about DeKalb’s administrative tow policy. He says that’s because the city needs to publicly notify residents and visitors of the city-adopted policy by law.

Frieders says most communities have their own towing policies written in their municipal codes, and the concept of notifying the public of any law by signage is a relatively common practice.

“So we’re all very accustomed to things like driving into a community, and when you reach the edge of a town, you see a sign saying, ‘Citywide speed limit 25 miles an hour unless otherwise posted,’ or you might see a sign saying, ‘No parking on any city streets during snowfall’ or ‘No parking during a specified time limit,’” Frieders said.

Frieders says those signs are “intended to give visitors of the community notice of a locally-adopted vehicle code restriction that is of city-wide application.”

Frieders says, overall, this is DeKalb over-disclosing a law and being vigilant about notification.

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