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Week Of Testimony Begins In Andrew Rifkin Case

Katie Finlon / WNIJ

Thursday is the first day of several days of testimony in the case against a former Northern Illinois University police officer who was accused of sexual assault.

Court officials anticipate the trial of Andrew Rifkin taking about a week and including about ten witnesses. That includes the alleged victim’s former roommate, a digital forensics expert, and NIU health services personnel, according to court documents.

Rifkin is accused of sexually assaulting a former NIU student in his apartment in 2011. He was fired from the NIU police department for violating policies that prohibit officers from fraternizing with students. He was charged with sexual assault after that, but a DeKalb County judge ruled that Rifkin’s supervisors intentionally withheld witness reports that question his accuser’s credibility.

Rifkin’s attorney Bruce Brandwein recently tried to get Rifkin’s charges dismissed, stating that Rifkin only signed his confession because he was promised his job back if he did. Judge William Brady disagreed with Brandwein's assertion that the confession was involuntary and denied the request.

Brandwein declined comment on the case after WNIJ reached out to him, citing time constraints. He said in a brief email to WNIJ that these trials will be jury trials.

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