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The Sound of Science - 'Engineering Cheesecake'

Dr. Brynteson: Welcome WNIJ listeners to The Sound of Science. I'm Kristin Brynteson, director of NIU STEAM. Today I'm joined by Dr. Muthuswamy, associate professor in the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. Welcome.

Dr. Muthuswamy: Hello.

Dr. B: Today, we're going to talk about engineering. We know engineers are problem solvers, and they solve problems that people might not even know they have. So how is engineering connected to cheesecake? 

Dr. M: Cheesecake, when you look at cheesecake or anything out there in Costco or in a pastry shop, have you noticed it's all perfectly sliced and it looks gorgeous? It's because an engineer did a great job. They have these titanium cutters that are being used to slice these perfectly. They way it's built, it's practically frictionless so it's able to give that perfect smooth slice and we work with those machines and designing those machines, how to assemble those machines, so that they work seemlessly.

Dr. B: And the types of engineers involved in that?

Dr. M: Mechanical engineers for designing. Industrial engineers, those are the ones who actually assemble these machines and put them together. You have electrical engineers who build the backbone of it. There are so many different kinds of engineering. So it doesn't matter which engineering field you choose, you can work with any of these kinds of industries.

Dr. B: Well thank you for joining us and thank you for listening to the Sound of Science on WNIJ. Where you learn something new every day.   

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