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The Sound of Science - 'Jane Goodall'


HOLLIE: Hello, WNIJ listeners and welcome to The Sound of Science. This episode is part two of our three-part series celebrating Women’s History Month. In this series, we feature voices of Women in STEM working at Northern Illinois University. For today’s episode I reached out to Ann Shult, a STEAM Educator with 26 years of experience teaching high school anatomy and physiology right here in DeKalb #428. When asked who her STEAM role model was, Ann quickly answered and knew exactly who she wanted to talk about.  

ANN: I’ve had the good fortune of seeing Dr. Jane speak three times, and at one of them, a potluck dinner, she demonstrated how chimpanzees communicate by filling the gym space with this very loud pant hoot. And we all smiled and laughed and stood in line for the meal. Dr. Jane has a quiet but powerful presence, and I loved listening to her speak about the chimpanzees of Gombe. Her discoveries of their social dynamics, their use of tools, and competing for territory. From there, I followed her career by looking at her conservation efforts through the Jane Goodall Institute. Her ability to draw in young people through Roots & Shoots programs to help them understand they do have the ability to make positive changes to their community by helping people, helping animals, and helping the environment. Jane continually shares a message of hope by inspiring and empowering us to treat each other and all of Earth’s inhabitants better and this why she is my STEAM role model. 

HOLLIE: This was The Sound of Science on WNIJ, where you learn something new every day.   

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