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NIU Board Of Trustees Approves Minor Tuition Hikes

NIU's Altgeld Hall
Susan Stephens
NIU's Altgeld Hall

Northern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees approved a minor tuition increase for undergraduate students entering in the coming school year. This comes after five years with no change in rate. NIU President Lisa Freeman presented the rate proposal to the board.

“In the context of NIU’s commitment to accessibility, affordability and student success, the recommendation for this request is a 1.5% increase in base tuition and no change in undergraduate differential tuition rates.” 

This means the per-credit hour rate for new students will go up by $5.23 in the fall. 

The board also approved a small increase to graduate school tuition. Freeman said graduate students will see a one-and-a-half percent increase, while law students will see a .79% increase. Freeman said it makes both "about $5.36 per credit hour."

"In addition," she said, "there are three downward adjustments to differential tuition rates."

Those differentials cover three online programs. One is for trauma-informed counseling and two others pertain to nursing.  

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