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Labor Board Rules NIU Improperly Raised Parking Fees On Union Members

niu.edu / afscme.org

Northern Illinois University was ordered to stop changing parking fees for union members without bargaining and refund the fee changes. 

That’s according to the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board. They ruled Thursday that NIU raised parking pass prices in 2016 without bargaining with AFSCME-member employees.

More than 600 clerical, paraprofessional and administrative employees should be reimbursed $38 each plus interest, the board ruled. 

“We’re just hoping that the university will refrain from making any changes to things like parking or mandatory subjects of bargaining without coming to the table and negotiating with employees, but more importantly recognizing the value and importance that their employees bring to the table,” said Sara Dorner, spokeswoman for AFSCME Council 31.

Dorner says the union members feel “vindicated.”

“They feel like the board recognized what we have known all along – that NIU should negotiate all mandatory subjects of bargaining, including parking.”

The labor board decision and order are final, but NIU has about a month to appeal.

University officials say they don’t know if NIU will do so. They say they still think they have a solid case and declined further comment on the matter.

  • WNIJ is owned by and licensed to Northern Illinois University. Some staff members at WNIJ are members of the AFSCME bargaining unit.