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Turnout Strong At Rockford Public Schools Job Fair

Austin Hansen
Applicants take part in the teacher job fair on July 24, 2017

Rockford Public Schools held a job fair Monday for anyone who was qualified and interested in teaching positions.


Executive Principal for Jefferson High School Don Rundall was very excited about the applicants who attended.

“I think we’ve had a pretty good turnout this morning," Rundall said. "I’ve actually already filled a couple of positions I’ve needed filled, so I’m very excited with the turnout we’ve had; and the level of applicants is pretty high.”


Applicant Flora Monacelli shared why she decided to become a teacher in the first place.

“I always had a hard time staying focused in school, so the teachers that I had took the extra time to make me feel important and [were] glad that I was showing up to school that day and learning. They really made a difference in my life, so then I figured I could make the same difference," Monacelli said.


Monacelli says she had interest in Rockford schools specifically.

“Rockford Schools are definitely diverse and growing – Rockford is growing – and they need teachers now more than ever, especially as their schools become larger," Monacelli said. "So here I am to lend my services to this new community of learners.”

Rundall said applicants came from across the region.

"We decided to do this last week so I was a little hesitant on how many qualified applicants we would get, but we’ve gotten quite a few. I actually interviewed a man from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a couple from the suburbs, and then a couple local [applicants.]”

The district may plan similar events in the future.

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