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Child Participants Needed For NIU Study Of Autism Links

What is the relationship of balance, coordination, language and quality of life to the symptoms of autism?

Two Northern Illinois University faculty members in the Allied Health and Communicative Disorders division are hoping to answer that question and others in a new research study they are conducting, and they are seeking children with autism to help them.

NIU Asst. Prof. Allison Gladfelter, a speech/language pathologist, and Asst. Prof. Christina Odeh, a physical therapist, are recruiting speaking children between the ages of 3 and 12 with autism.

Participants will be scheduled for four sessions, each lasting approximately one hour, at the NIU facility at 3100 Sycamore Road, DeKalb. The children will be allowed to pick out toys as a reward. It is possible to schedule all the sessions for the same day.

Families receive a report of their child’s hearing, speech, motor, adaptive skill and language standardized testing scores. There also will be minor financial compensation.

More information about the study and participating in it is available by contacting Dr. Gladfelter at (815) 753-7737 or by email at agladfelter@niu.edu. Dr. Odeh may be reached at (630) 557-9648 or by email at codeh@niu.edu.