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Renovations Halted On NIU Stevens Building

Construction on NIU's Stevens Building is on hold due to the state budget impasse.

The Stevens Building housed the School of Theatre and Dance and Department of Anthropology. NIU waited on renovations to the Stevens Building for nearly two decades. That's according to NIU Spokesman Brad Hoey.

The project was first announced in 2010 and construction on the building stopped June 30. Hoey says the departments have been very patient and are looking forward to moving into the building in 2016.

“The project has been halted for about three weeks now and as long as there is no construction or active work being done on the building, that really puts into jeopardy the targeted date of occupancy which is the fall of 2016.”

Hoey said there has been no other projects at NIU that have been affected by the Capital Development board and the governor’s decision to halt some state funding projects.

The Stevens Building is one of many projects across Illinois that were funded by the state and have been stalled.

“They will remain in limbo until either there is a resolution to the state budget impasse or the governor makes an indication that those projects will start once again,” Hoey said.

Hoey says NIU would like to start planning for coming fiscal years. He says it's hard to plan for without a current budget.

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