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WNIJ's summary of news items around our state.

Many Recall Washington Tornadoes One Year Ago


Many are remembering the devastating tornadoes that swept through the Midwest a year ago today. Tazewell County and the City of Washington were among the hardest hit.

Public Television Station WTVPis offering a one-hour documentary for the anniversary. Washington Mayor Gary Manier was at the screening Sunday. He says the news media has done a lot to keep the story alive:

“We were always one deviation away from losing all that attention. But I think by the stories that kept coming out the volunteers kept wanting to be here to help us and I can’t say enough for the media.”

The documentary is called "Finding Strength After the Storm." It airs tonight on WTVP/WILL.

The community also is holding a gathering at a public park this morning for a collective moment of silence at the time the tornado hit.